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All you need to know about group tours and why they are a great way to travel

November 22, 2016

At Tango Tours we work closely with our great links in Latin America to put together the best possible group itineraries. We ensure these itineraries get the most out of a destination, as we believe in really experiencing the heart of the places we go. We carefully research the must-see attractions as well as some of those ‘off-the-beaten-track’ hidden gems before compiling a final programme. 

These itineraries are put together by both our expert team in the UK and the company’s we work alongside in Latin America- who know all there is to know about their part of the world!

These arrangements will be made for a maximum of 16 people per group and when we, and our customers, are happy with the itinerary everything is finalized and booked! And all that's left to do is pack your bags! All very simple.


In the run up to the departure of the tour, we give our travellers the option of sharing their details with other members of the group so they can get in touch before they leave. This is a very popular option for our groups and many people have a chat over the phone or send e-mails to their fellow travellers!

When it comes to departure day, the whole group will meet for the first time in the airport and fly off to whichever destination you have chosen! This is the group you will then see the country with - traveling together, experiencing new things together and seeing the sights together.

Group tours are fully guided, meaning an expert local guide will be with you every step of the way to ensure everything runs smoothly, give you some extra insight into the country and let you into some local secrets that are not in the guidebooks!

Groups are never larger than 16, as we feel this is an ideal number for everybody to get to know each other and means getting around together is simple, hassle-free and safe.


We believe this is a really great way to experience something different and get the most out of your trip away. You will be travelling with a group of like-minded individuals who are all there to have a good time and see a part of the world they have never seen before. Group tours are ideal for solo travellers as the stress of travelling alone in an unknown country can be a bit daunting. Alternatively, they are great for couples or friends who like to travel with others.

Even though our itineraries are precisely put together, they still allow for a lot of freedom and flexibility and include a good amount of time to yourself to explore! We work hard to get the best possible price for our customers - group bookings for attractions, hotels, transport etc tend to be cheaper than travelling individually, so the price of a group tour is always a good deal!


We have sent numerous group tours all over Latin America, and they have always been a great success. We find people get on famously and real bonds and friendships are made! Reunions are often held back in the UK to catch up and share stories too!


But don’t take our word for it; here are some comments from people who have been on our groups tours;

“Our group got on extremely well together, which resulted in every dinner turning into a party, singing Welsh hymns and folk songs.. In fact, we got on so well that we are planning reunions.” – Barry and Janet Parkin, Hertfordshire, Penblwydd Trevelin group tour 2015.

 “A very varied trip with plenty to see and do… There was plenty of interesting things to entertain everyone on the trip” – Myra Phillips, Wrexham, went on Eisteddfod Y Wladfa group tour 2015.

 “Probably the best holiday I have ever had” – Sally Hyman, Port Talbot, Penblwydd Trevelin group tour 2015 

Group Tours we run include:

Inspirational Peru

Magical Mexico

Argentina and Uruguay Agricultural Tour

Chubut Eisteddfod

Trevelin Anniversary

Patagonia Celtica

Trevelin Eisteddfod

Follow these links to find out more about our group tours, or contact us on 01970 631737 for more information!

Don’t forget - we also do individual, tailor-made tours. So if group tours don’t sound like your thing, we can arrange a trip for you, your family, your club or whoever you want to travel with!

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