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Did you know…? 10 facts about Iguazu falls that will make you want to go there!

November 15, 2016

The majestic Iguazu waterfalls lie on the border between Argentina and Brazil. These giant falls are a spectacular sight and well worth a visit. Read our top 10 facts about the falls…some may surprise you!  

1. Legend says that a mystical god wanted to marry a beautiful girl named Naipi against her will. She tried to escape with her lover Taroba in a wooden canoe on the river. When god found out she was running away, he was so angry that he split the river into two so that the two lovers would be condemned to an eternal fall and thus.. Iguazu Falls were created! They were actually the result of a volcanic eruption which left a large crack in the earth, but the first explanation is much more exciting!  

2. The word Iguazu means 'Big Water'.


3. Iguazu Falls are taller than, and almost twice as wide as the Niagara Falls.

4. On her first site of the Iguazu Falls, the United States first lady Eleanor Roosevelt exclaimed: “Poor Niagara!”

5. At its highest there is up to 450,000 cubic feet of water per second flowing over Iguazu Falls- that’s 12,743 Litres per second!

6. There is a point in the water falls that an observer can stand and get enveloped by about 260 degrees of waterfalls.

7. Iguazu's surrounding forest is home to over 2000 species including the opossum - the only marsupial found outside Australia.

8. Around 80% of the falls lie in Argentina and the remaining 20% in Brazil.

9. The most scenic waterfall is the curved cascade which has been nick-named the 'devils throat’. This torrent of water has 14 falls that drop to a height of 350 feet.


10. The first European to discover falls was the Spanish explorer Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca in 1541.

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