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Estados: Original Argentine products in the UK

October 26, 2013

In Argentina you will often find little shops or stalls that sell high quality products made from materials sourced in the country. This is typically something crafted from leather or fabric, but the most important thing is that all have been made by hand with 100% care and quality.

estados-300x259.jpgUnfortunately in the UK, you can’t just pop down to Tesco and buy a 100% authentically made Argentinian product. So what are you to do? Well thankfully you can now head to to buy brilliantly made Argentinian products. Estados is an online shop that hand makes and sells authentic leather products in the style of traditional Argentina.

This is no makeshift operation; instead the people behind Estados have quite clearly put attention to detail and making everything the “real deal” as their motto. The company sources its leather from La Teresa in Buenos Aires, a third generation tannery that offers the richest of material. The result is a series of high class products that make for amazing gift ideas.

Belts, handbags, purses, wallets, and cases for products such as iPhones and tablets are all available from Estados, and the really surprising thing is that the high quality products are all available at good value. Of course, the designs are high end and elegant, while it is refreshing to see genuine craftsmanship in each piece, which in a way makes them all utterly unique.

Head to to see the full range of products.

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