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Estancia los Potreros

June 15, 2013

If you want to experience the cowboy life there is only one country to do it in. Forget about the United States with its novelty ranches, down in Argentina they are still doing things how they have been done for generations and sampling this lifestyle with Tango Tours is rewarding and a load of fun!


Estancias (similar to an American ranch or an English farm) have become hugely popular tourist destinations in Argentina thanks to the back to basics lifestyle that they offer, while of course the perfect scenery and environment makes for the most fulfilling of countryside vacations. One of the premier estancia’s in Argentina is Estancia Los Potreros, a fully functional cattle farm that has been operating since 1574.

Created to supply mules for the silver mines in Peru during the Spanish search for gold five centuries ago, Estancia Los Potreros has found a second purpose half a millennium on. As well as continuing to function as a farm, Estancia Los Potreros has also thrown its doors open to tourists, and offers the very best of platforms to explore the surrounding areadefault-2.jpg.

And what an area it is! Estancia Los Potreros is located at the top of the Sierras Chicas mountain range in the breath taking region of Cordoba. The estancia covers 6,500-acres and has been in the keep of the Begg Family for four generations, and it is this family feel that gives Estancia Los Potreros a unique personal touch.

Kevin and Louisa Begg offer a warm welcome to guests and make sure that they are a part of the family while they stay; this is a stark contrast to other commercially owned estancias. What a visit to Estancia Los Potreros affords is a back to nature trip of a lifetime that can reinvigorate the soul and possibly change your life!

Estancia los Potreros

Whether you just want to take in the clean Cordoba air, or marvel at the truly wondrous vistas, Estancia Los Potreros offers the perfect platform for your explorations. A visit to this working estancia is also a true paradise for horse lovers, giving all the chance to tend to and of course ride until their heart is content.

And what beautiful riding trails you can embark on, you will skim the clouds on the tops of mountains, trot happily along meadows, navigate trickling rivers, and weave through enchanting forests. Truly, this is the most diverse of landscapes and will be the most fulfilling horse adventure you have ever had.

And what is there to say about the people! Friendly, kind, warm, welcoming would be a good start! A trip to Estancia Los Potreros will be the chance to meet new people and make friends for life. Now, if all of that sounds like your kind of thing, what are you waiting for?

For further information about arranging a stay at Estancia los Potreros visit the tour page on our site by clicking here.


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