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The Paradise of Brazil - Morro de São Paulo

July 11, 2014

Brazil has its fair share of dream locations, but not many could encapsulate the idea of paradise and tranquility as well as Morro de São Paulo on the island of Tinharé. Indeed, when we think about Brazil we are often left with contrasts, the bustling and engaging cities like Rio de Janeiro or the savage wilderness that is the Amazon River and rainforest.

Morro de São Paulo offers a different colour by offering an island paradise of beautiful golden sands, clear blue waters, and scenic jungle walks. One could be forgiven for thinking they were in the Caribbean when visiting Morro de São Paulo, if not for that distinct Brazilian flavour that is both energetic and warm.


Morro de São Paulo is  one of the latest additions to the Tango Tours destination list, and our package will ensure that you get the very best from this stunning location. Located on the island of Tinharé, Morro de São Paulo is one of the tiny villages situated on this 5km strip of land 272 km from the city of Salvador by land and 60 km by sea in the municipality of Cairu, Bahia.

The island surrounding Morro de São Paulo is famed for its unspoiled and impossibly gorgeous beaches, and for the visitor there is plenty of choice. With the Tango Tours excursion you will get to sample the delights of the First, Second, Third, and Fourth beaches, as well as Encanto Beach, Garapua, Boipeba, Ponta de Pedra, Gamboa Beach, and Fort Beach.

With eateries ranging from small traditional Brazilian café’s to more up market restaurants, any gastronomic needs are taken well care of in Morro de São Paulo. With our tour you just need to relax and enjoy this sculpted island of unimaginable beauty and splendour.

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