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Follow England at The Brazil 2014 World Cup

May 11, 2013

For many football fans, the FIFA football World Cup and international football means one country, Brazil. The five times winners of the world cup tournament have transformed the way that people see and play the beautiful game. Whether your passion for Brazilian football was ignited by the glorious 1958, 1962 and 1970 teams with Pele pulling the strings or you have marvelled at more recent successes such as the Romario and Bebeto led 1994 triumph or the Ronaldo 2002 master class in Japan. Brazil is at the heart of what is good about world football and this is why the fact that the 2014 World Cup is taking place in Brazil is great news for football fans.

Brazil have already hosted the World Cup once, back in 1950. This did not end well for Brazil with Uruguay coming out on top and it deeply impacted the Brazilian psyche when it comes to football. It did however create a change in philosophy and mind-set when it comes to soccer and this failure was the platform for so many golden years of success. With Brazil being determined to put on another great show in their attempt to win a record breaking sixth world title on home territory, this is going to be one of the football tours of a lifetime.

Cheer on England in Brazil


It will be a great trip for football fans from all around the world but if you are able to go to the Brazil World Cup while supporting your own nation, it is likely to be one of the best football memories you will have in your life. The qualification process is still on-going but it looks as though Roy Hodgson will be leading the English national side into the competition to give England another crack at the world famous trophy. There will be other nations who are ranked higher than the English team but you just never know what will happen in Brazil 2014. If you want to back Roy and the boys, you would be advised to join up with the England supporters tours to give yourself the best possible journey and of course, access to the 2014 World Cup tickets.


As you would expect, there will be high demand for World Cup tickets 2014 and games involving England will have an even higher demand. While football fans in England love Brazil and the style of football that they play, football fans from all across South America have a strong passion and interest in the British and English game. England has long been recognised as the nation that brought football to the world and many South American nations started playing football when it was introduced by travellers from England.

This means that there is a lot of love and respect for the English national team, packed full of players from the English Premier League and these games will be in high demand. This is why it makes sense to book up with a properly arranged and organised tour to ensure that you have one less thing to worry about. Knowing that your ticket has been sorted out will help you to look forward to the soccer World Cup in 2014 with great confidence.  Click here to get in touch now.

What star names will shine in Brazil 2014?

For players of every generation, the World Cup is the stage that they want to shine and this may be the tournament for so many of the modern day greats to step up and cement their place in football history. The careers of English greats like Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard are drawing to a close but both will be desperate to achieve success in this tournament. You also have players like Wayne Rooney who are highly regarded but really need a stand-out showing in a major tournament to elevate them to the level of true football greats. If England are to succeed in Brazil 2014, all of these great players and more will have to shine.

Of course, it isn’t just about the English players on show in Brazil 2014. There will be another Messi v Ronaldo showdown and the little Argentinean will be desperate to show his true class. Perhaps a great showing in Brazil will finally convince Pele of the talent that Messi holds and will help to justify the belief and admiration that Diego Maradona holds for Lionel Messi. Perhaps there will be a player that will arrive on the football scene out of nowhere and make a name for himself at the 2014 World Cup?

There is sure to be a great deal of excitement and tension at the Brazil 2014 World Cup and the best way to guarantee a match ticket to cheer on England to glory is by booking up with the 2014 England supporters tour.

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