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Hit The Slopes in Argentina

January 20, 2017

Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world. Its landscape is incredibly diverse containing expanses of dry arid desert, bustling big cities, wild remote countryside, incredibly fertile plains of farming land and some of the world’s tallest mountains. It’s in these mountains on the majestic Andes range that some of the world’s best ski resorts are located!

Surprisingly, Argentina has about 14 ski resorts dotted along the Andes with three major ski regions: the ski resorts near Mendoza, the Patagonia ski areas surrounding Bariloche and the Lake District and Ushuaia in the very South! 

It is perfect for us Europeans, as the ski season begins in mid-June and runs to October, so all through our summer skiing is available! The very best skiing conditions in Argentina are generally mid-July to early September.

A good option to explore a few different resorts is to go on a multi-resort tour or camp which means you can see a few different areas of Argentina on your trip not just one resort. Tango Tours can sort a multi-resort tour for you, your group or your family! 


Mendoza ski region

Las Leñas is a very popular resort in the skiing world due to its 29 trails over 52km of slopes, a 1,200m vertical slope, slalom stadium and one of the longest trails in South America at 7,050m. Also it is great for beginners if you are looking at these figures in horror! With excellent instructors and a 1,000m long circuit with a light slope there is skiing to suit everybody. You can even ski at night on their 2,000m long illuminated trails.

In the same region there is also the smaller Los Penitentes resort with 25.5km of slopes and 3194m elevation, the Vallecitos resort with 4km of slopes and elevations of up to 3,650m and the Los Puquios resort with 7km of slopes 2986m maximum elevation.

Mendoza region is an area also very famous for wine production! An excellent combination we think here at Tango Tours!

Patagonia Ski Region - The Lake District 


The town of Bariloche is a common gateway into the ski region and is a particularly beautiful area that attracts thousands of tourists each year – both skiers and not! Known for it's Swiss apine-style (which is surprising to find in South America!) and this picturesque spot is stunning year round.

In the North of Patagonia is Caviahue , located near Copahue. Here skiers go up to the peak of Volcan Copahue - standing at 2,953 metres, this impressive stratovolcano lies in the Andes on the border with Chile.

The modern ski resort of Cerro Chapelco has some good lifts and tree skiing.

Cerro Bayo is an upscale boutique ski resort around one hour north of Bariloche.

Cerro Catedral is the local Bariloche ski resort, only 20km from Bariloche. This resort is a large, modern and bustling – probably the busiest in the area.

Perito Moreno, confusingly not named after the glacier, is a small town and ski area near El Bolson, is quite the opposite to Cerro Catedral in that it is a lot smaller and less busy, taking skiing back to its roots and is adverse to commercializing the sport. This area is located 121km (75 miles) south of Bariloche.

South of the Lake District is La Hoya ski resort, one of the lesser known 'off the beaten track' resorts, La Hoya is located near the town of Esquel in the province of Chubut. This area is an specialty of Tango Tours' as is where the Welsh communities are located. Why not pair your Welsh Patagonia adventure with a ski trip to La Hoya?


Ushuaia Skiing 

All the way down south, around 26km from Ushuaia and in the Tierra del Fuego region, is the resort of Cerro Castor. Standing on the Southern slope of Mount Krund, this resort is the southernmost tourist spot in the world. With a skiable slope of almost 800 meters, and a total of 26 trails featuring various degrees of difficulty, as well as off-piste sectors ideal to walk on the snow, this resort has grown and grown in the past few years.

Besides classic alpine skiing, the centre offers other activities such as snowboarding, ski boarding, ski touring, sleds, cross-country skiing and snowshoes. Ushuaia is the ideal place for anyone looking for something a little different from their holiday!


Why not extend your ski trip to see some more of Argentina? Check out our selection of itineraries here  

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