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Spotlight on: Highlights of Peru Tour

July 26, 2012

Oh, we love Peru. We can’t decide it it’s the amazing sights, the fabulous locations, the history, romance or mystery, or a mixture of all of these ingredients but whenever we start talking about Peru we find it hard to stop. So many people who have been to Peru find they have the same “waxing lyrical” experience and just can’t wait to tell everyone about this country’s historical, cultural and scenic hotspots.

2.jpgTo make the most of this absorbing country, we have put together a 16-day tour that takes in the many of the famous Peruvian highlights, such as the culturally resplendent cities of Lima and Cusco.

Of course, the tour also makes a journey to the famous Lost City of the Incas and to Machu Picchu, arguably the most amazing urban creation of the Inca Empire. Seeing truly is believing as you feast your eyes on the giant walls, terraces and ramps set on the eastern slopes of the dramatic Andes Mountains.

The Highlights of Peru Tour also includes a fantastic flight over the mysterious Nazca’s Lines, where you’ll see the bizarre hieroglyphics elaborated by the inhabitants of the Nazca culture.

This isn’t just a run-of-the-mill highlights of Peru trip, however.  This is a Tango Tours Highlights of Peru Tour. We have sought out a host of local knowledge and local guides to ensure that you’re treated to many lesser-known gems and treasures in this beguiling country, such as the nature-abundant Ballestas Islands, also known also as the Little Galápagos.

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