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Mexico Tours

Mexico is the perfect holiday destination. With picture-perfect beaches, stunning architecture, colorful cities, excellent food and hints of Mayan magic in the air, Mexico has something for everyone! Enjoy some time in the vibrant capital Mexico City where tours of this electric city will showcase the very best of its stunning architecture such as Templo Mayor, fascinating ancient sites nearby and newly improved public spaces to relax and absorb the unique Mexican atmosphere. The country's Mayan past can be seen all over Mexico - visit a range of incredibly mysterious and enigmatic archaeological sites such as the world famous Chitchen Itza and atmospheric area of Plenque - a dream for any budding historian. Our tours are perfectly crafted to ensure you get a great balance of relaxation, adventure, nature and discovery. 

Our tours to Mexico

  • 7 Nights/ 8 Days Grade: All Ages

    Colonial Mosaic

    If stunning colonial cities are your thing - this is the tour for you! The very best in incredible Mexican villages, towns and cities, this tour covers a multitude of incredible areas, each completely unique, to get you to the very heart of the country

  • 8 Nights/ 9 Days Grade: All Ages

    The High Plateaux to The Pacific

    An alternative look at Mexico that is not your average route! For those looking for something a little bit different this tour takes you to some undiscovered gems in the heart of this incredible country! Explore stunning towns and cities home to some of the best and most striking architecture in the country, learn how to make Tequila in this famous region and relax on the beaches of the Pacific Coast - perfect!