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Cultural Tours of Latin America

Fabulous arts, sensual dance, romantic languages, amazing cuisine and a love of carnivals. Culture is all around you in South America! This beautifully vibrant and culturally diverse region of the world awakens the senses. Why not learn to speak Spanish or try Tango dancing, visit the Rio Carnival or dine out in fabulous restaurants? Get your cultural fix with our tours! 

Our Cultural Tours

  • 7 Days Grade: All Ages

    Beautiful Bolivia

    This 7-day tour of Bolivia shows you a traditional and magical side to the country! A leisurely journey where you can explore the mystical markets of La Paz, enjoy a massage and natural mud spa, watch a traditional folk dance show and cruise Lake Titicaca. The way to do Bolivia in style!

  • 7 days Grade: All Ages

    The Mayan World

    This special historical tour covers a whole host of magical and mysterious sights of Mayan history. Starting in the world famous Chichén Itzà you make your way around Mexico's most renowned archaeological sites before heading over the border to the lush tropical jungles of Guatemala and Belize! Covering 3 countries in just 7 days, you will get a chance to explore the most impressive and important sites, immersing yourself in the world of the Mayans!

  • 9 days Comfort:

    Classic Northeast Brazil

    Discover the joys of North East Brazil on this perfect 9-day tour of the area. Escape the hustle and bustle of Rio for a leisurely trip around the coast exploring some famous sites as well as some unknown treasures. The bustling cities of Fortaleza, Natal, Recife and Salvador offer a perfect balance of classic architecture, modern life and stunning coastal scenery

  • 12 Days Comfort:

    Grand Tour in Brazil

    This Grand tour of Brazil offers just a few of the many famous attractions this massive and varied country has to offer! Visiting Rio, Salvador, Recife, an Amazon Park lodge and the world famous Iguazu falls you will get a real feel for Brazil and will be back again and again to see more!

  • 10 days Comfort:

    Authentic Colombia

    This tour covers a multitude of locations around Colombia, concentrating on its oldest and most historical sites as well as some natural beauties to behold. You go off-the-beaten-track at times, unearthing some hidden gems in addition to a number of world-famous attractions. This tour covers an impressive amount of places in such a short time, from small villages and towns to large cosmopolitan cities – really giving you a feel for the Colombian lifestyle from a whole host of perspectives

  • 13 Days Comfort:

    Colonial Towns of Brazil

    On this tour of the Colonial Towns of Brazil, visit the vibrant Rio de Janeiro as well as some of the country’s most atmospheric colonial towns, learning about their fascinating history and grand architecture as well as enjoying the breath-taking surrounding scenery

  • 10 days Grade: All Ages

    Escape to Easter Island

    Easter Island is on every budding travelers bucket list! Embark on this fantastic 10 day tour to learn all about the famous Easter Island heads and see them up close! The tour goes on to see some other highlights of Chile, such as Torres del Paine National Park, the Cave of the Milodon and Balmaceda y Serrano Glaciers

  • 8 days Grade: All Ages

    Peru at a Glance

    This whilstle-stop 8-day tour covers some fascinating and beautiful areas of Peru. Visits to Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca are matched with lesser known trails and tours of fascinating architecture, archaeology and small communities that are, shall we say, 'off the grid'! A real treat for anyone wanting to soak in the Peruvian culture in a short amount of time

  • 5 days Grade: All Ages

    The Heart of the Inca Empire

    This 5-day historical journey takes you to significant places of interest with regards to the intriguing Inca Empire. Starting in Cusco and ending in Machu Piccu, there is so much to see over these 5 days! With informative guides and easy transfers, this is the perfect way to step back in time and discover the Inca Empire's secrets! Works great as part of a larger trip to Peru